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Board Committees Table

Director Audit Committee Governance and Nominating Committee Compensation Committee Advisory Committee
Catherine (Kay) M. Best     Specialty Chemicals
Grant D. Billing
Luc Desjardin
President and CEO
Robert J. Engbloom Q.C.     Energy Services
Randall J. Findlay     Energy Services
Norman R. Gish     Chair Specialty Chemicals
Peter A.W. Green
Lead Director
Chair   Construction Products Distribution
James S.A. MacDonald     Specialty Chemicals
Walentin (Val) Mirosh     Energy Services
David P. Smith Chair     Construction Products Distribution


(1) The Board has considered the circumstances of Mr. Engbloom, a partner in a law firm that provides legal services to Superior and has determined that he meets the independence requirements of the Governance Rule, other than for purposes of membership on the Audit Committee.
(2) Committee of the Board of the Administrator.

Advisory Committees

In further keeping with our commitment to high standards of corporate governance, Superior has formed Advisory Committees for each of Superior’s businesses. The Advisory Committees are composed of three independent directors and senior corporate management. The Advisory Committees were formed with the intent of allowing for more detailed operational reviews at the different business levels which would result in a more focused strategic review at the Board level. In addition, each of Superior’s businesses maintain appropriate programs and standards pertaining to quality, health and safety, while being committed to environmental and social responsibility and support for their local communities. These and other programs are also monitored through the Advisory Committees.

Although not formal Board committees, the Advisory Committee structure provides the directors with additional time to address social, environmental and regulatory matters, business opportunities, risks, strategies and challenges and allows the members of the Advisory Committee to provide advice where appropriate and act as the sounding board prior to bringing strategic matters and initiatives to the Board. Membership rotation for the Advisory Committees occurs from time to time in order to provide each Board member with maximum exposure to each of the businesses of Superior.

For complete information on our corporate governance practices, please read our 2012 Information Circular.